Coming up with new ways to work

18 September 2020

At the time of COVID19 digital awareness has grown exponentially and the need for learning the basic digital skills has reached every citizen.

The Digital Travellers project intends to reduce the digital exclusion of vulnerable populations, help people to manage daily digital tasks such as online banking, government services and using different devices like cellphones and computers. But first, we have to train the librarians so that they could organize group sessions for their audiences.

Who would know that the world would change so much, so quickly that everything had to be planned all over again? It happened to this project also. We had to find a new way to execute training for librarians. And now we will launch a series of online seminars instead of face-to-face training.

Vast database and online get-together

We now have an even more important job to do. We Digital travellers are ready to face the challenge to organize and train librarians in four countries during the pandemic. We have built a vast online database, with hundreds of tested resources that help libraries to organize workshops in each country to train their users.

In November, we are organizing an online get-together to meet other librarians from different countries to talk about what kind of obstacles we are facing this year and how can we overcome these challenges.

It is very interesting to find out how are we developing new skills for librarians in the Netherlands, Poland, France, Belgium and Finland. Especially this time when we are forced to take a huge digital leap in libraries.

Digital Travellers is an international community that will stand through this pandemic and we are ready and motivated to start the online seminars and the training.