This workshop features an adaptation of the card game 7 families in order to inform participants on IT careers.

Target group
All, Job seekers
Age group
Proficiency level i
Level 2
Activity sheet
Copyright i
Creative Commons (BY-SA)
English, French , Français

General Objective

Knowledge acquisition

Preparation time for facilitator

less than 1 hour

Competence area

1 - Information and data literacy

Time needed to complete activity (for learner)

1 - 2 hours

Name of author

Aurelie Corvot

Resource originally created in

Workshop directions

7 families game

Here is the content of the card game to download :

  • 42 cards comprised of 7 families + 7 cards categorising the different family members which will be available for players
  • The families :
    • Gamer
    • Security
    • E-commerce
    • Developer
    • Graphic design
    • Editorial
    • Futurist


Starting a round

First, one person deals 7 cards to each player. The rest will make up the draw pile. To start a round, the first player asks a player of their choice if they have a desired card (for example, ‘in the graphic design family, I need the computer graphics artist’).
If the questioned player has the card, they need to give it to the player who asked them the question. If they don’t have it, the questioner needs to pick up a card.
If the player happens to pick up the card they needed from the pile, they need to say so and can then take another turn by asking a player for another card.
If they do not pick up their required card, play passes to the player to their left.

A player may only ask for a card from a family that they already have in their hand. When a player collects a whole family (6 cards), they place them face up in front of them and the round continues until there are no more cards to pick up.
Players then count how many complete families they each have. The winner is the one who has the most complete families!