Offline Workshop: Deleting Your Facebook Account

This workshop will help participants to understand how Facebook tries to keep users who want to leave the social network from doing so by offering a lot of reasons why deleting one’s account would be a bad idea.

Target group
School drop outs, Students (primary school), Students (secondary school)
Age group
Children, Teenagers
Proficiency level i
Level 1
Activity sheet
Copyright i
Creative Commons (BY-SA)
English, French , Français

General Objective

Awareness building

Preparation time for facilitator

less than 1 hour

Competence area

4 - Safety

Time needed to complete activity (for learner)

0 - 1 hour

Name of author

Nothing 2hide

Support material needed for training

Some wool or string-Sticky tape Small hoops/circular objects (optional)-Computer (optional)

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