The Digital Travellers Library of Resources

What is Digital Travellers ?

Digital Travellers (DT) is a project aimed at fostering digital inclusion of people whose lack of digital skills impedes their participation in society.


According to the European Commission’s data, close to half of the European population (44%) do not have basic digital skills, while at the same time, it is predicted that about 90% of future jobs will require such skills. Our society is becoming increasingly digital and basic digital skills are needed for daily tasks such as online banking, paying bills, filing tax returns and other government services.


The ultimate objective of the DT project is to improve digital skills for the greatest possible number of people. The secondary objective is to demonstrate, via a pilot, how the final objective can be efficiently reached, at the lowest cost, by using a ‘train the trainer’ methodology and a grassroots approach that leverages the proximity of librarians to the vulnerable groups.


To find out more about the project’s progress and its outputs, please visit :

A program -funded by the European Union-, to foster digital education

This library of resources can be used, free of charge, to facilitate the delivery/implementation of workshops on digital skills upskilling.
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