Content, Licensing and Sharing: Free Online Resources

In this workshop, participants, through discussion and online searches, will learn to distinguish between the different ways in which free resources are available online and will familiarise themselves with copyright licensing rules.

Target group
All, Job seekers, School drop outs, Students (secondary school)
Age group
Adults, Elderly citizens, Teenagers
Proficiency level i
Level 2
Activity sheet
Copyright i
Creative Commons (BY-SA)
English, French , Français

General Objective

Skillset building

Preparation time for facilitator

less than 1 hour

Competence area

3 - Digital content creation

Time needed to complete activity (for learner)

0 - 1 hour

Name of author

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Support material needed for training

Internet, Tablets, Computers

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Workshop directions


This workshop will teach participants to identify copyright-free resources (images, music, etc.) as well as the various Creative Commons licenses. Participants will also learn how to locate them easily online.

Facilitation tips :

If you are not familiar with copyright and licensing, we recommend you refer to the information document called Right to Use: Online Open Licensing and Copyright


Do an initial exercise by searching online for Charles Dickens (or whichever other famous person)

Ask them to carry out the same exercise, this time looking at maps of France (or any other country):

Explain how these results are obtained. It would be a good idea to project on a screen the desktop of the instructor’s computer to follow the relevant steps.

  • The first search shows all available images regardless of licensing.
  • The second result comes from a search of images which you have the right to reuse and change under Creative Commons licensing

Show participants how to the get these two different results (Tools -> Usage rights -> Labeled for reuse with modification)


If there are several computers available, participants can search themselves by using different search terms and license filters. Following this, discuss the results together.

  • What are the differences between the two methods?
  • What can we do with Creative Commons? How can the content under the license Creative Commons be reused?
  • Who might use CC licenses to share content?

Going further

Once the difference between Creative Commons and reserved copyright are understood, present the search engine which allows efficient searches of content available under Creative Commons licenses. In order to approach the legal aspects surrounding Creative Commons, refer to the activity sheet Content, open licenses and sharing: creating and sharing.