Becoming a Facilitator

Recommended Material for Experienced Facilitators

If you already have experience organising and delivering workshops, here are some resource recommendations specifically for you.

Recommendation 1

Use the Decision Flow – Am I Ready to Organise a Workshop? in the Before a Workshop section to check what, if anything, you still need to do before delivering workshops.

Before a Workshop

Recommendation 2

If you are unfamiliar with DigComp 2.1, it may be useful to watch the module What is DigComp 2.1?. The Digital Travellers Library of Resources, where you can find lots of digital education resources, is organised using the DigComp 2.1 system.

What is DigComp 2.1?

Recommendation 3

If you cannot meet your target groups in person, online workshops can be a great solution. Read the Guide: Delivering Online Workshops (in the During & After a Workshop section) to get some tips about facilitating workshops remotely.

During & After a Workshop

Recommendation 4

If you have specific questions about organising and delivering digital skills workshops or about the resources in the Becoming a Facilitator section, have a look at the FAQ.