Practical Guidance

Before a Workshop

Whether you are considering organising a digital skills workshop or whether you are already in the process of organising one, you will find resources here to help you with your planning.

Decision Flow - Am I Ready to Organise a Workshop?

Answer a series of questions to find out whether you are ready to deliver your workshop and if you are not yet ready, what to do next.


Guide: Planning A Workshop

This guide provides a checklist to help you plan workshops, whether in person or online, as well as some key questions to consider when organising workshops. There are also a series of questions to help you find the perfect resource for your workshop, taking into account the needs of your learners.


Guide: Planning Online Workshops

This guide contains a checklist for planning online workshops as well as a comparison of online platforms.


Workshop Template

Fill in this template to help you design and structure your workshop(s). Use the example on pages three and four to guide you.


Reaching out to and Interacting with Specific Audiences

Discover lots of suggestions about how and where to advertise your workshop(s).


Needs Assessment for Workshop Participants

Ten questions to help you understand the needs of your potential workshop participants. Use these questions as the basis of a conversation with learners or ask them to fill in the questionnaire.


Self-Assessment for Facilitators

Assess your own digital skills to discover your strengths and areas where you may need to seek additional guidance before facilitating workshops.