Becoming a Facilitator

Recommended Material for First Time Facilitators

If you want to deliver digital skills workshops, but do not have any experience of organising workshops, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This list is designed to help you. Follow the recommendations and you will be well on your way to becoming a digital skills workshop facilitator!

Recommendation 1

Take the My Role as a Facilitator Module. In order to deliver good quality digital education, it is very important to understand your role as a facilitator.

My Role as a Facilitator

Recommendation 2

Watch the What is DigComp 2.1? module. After having completed this module, you will be able to select digital education resources which suit your workshop participants’ needs. You can find these resources in the Digital Travellers Library of Resources.

What is DigComp 2.1?

Recommendation 3

If you are itching to start planning your workshop, it can be useful to read through the short guides entitled Guide: Planning a Workshop and Guide: Planning Online Workshops which contain checklists and key questions to consider. There is also a Workshop Template to help you plan the structure of your workshop. These three resources can be found in the Before a Workshop section.

Before a Workshop

Recommendation 4

One of the hardest things to do as a workshop facilitator is to create a positive atmosphere in which learners feel at ease. In order to help with this, we have created a short training module containing practical tips which you can complete in under 20 minutes!

Creating a Positive Learning Environment